About Me

Growing up, my mother served a steady diet of Malevich and Beckmann while helping to found the St. Louis School of painting. Fortunately, I had access to a dark room and nigh unlimited quantities of Tri-X during my high school days. In 1985, I nearly bankrupted my parents by shooting about 20 rolls of Kodak color film during a three week trip to the Soviet Union.  I parked the camera in favor of the trumpet during my university days, but rediscovered it while breaking rocks in the mines of Amazon: street photography was the perfect antidote.

I document moments which capture quintessential aspects of the human experience at this moment in time. This is probably a fancy way of saying that I shoot what interests me and endeavor to do so always with empathy.

When I am not roaming the streets, I help clients solve business problems using Economics, Mathematics, data, and software. Head over to Alchemy Data Science, LLC if you want to learn more about that.



Auckland, New Zealand

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